Wednesday, August 6, 2014

16 most beautiful trees in this world

There are plenty reasons to love trees: they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, which we are breathing; creating  a pleasant shady coolness on a hot day, and become a home for many animals.

Although not all of the following plants are trees (wisteria - a vine, rhododendron - bush and baobab tree belongs to the family of cereal), but could not ignore them just because they are marvelous, majestic and beautiful.

125-year-old rhododendron, Canada

Continue is under cut

144-year-old wisteria, Japan

Wind bent trees, New Zealand

Japanese maple, Oregon

Moss-covered beech Southern Oregon

Flowering cherry, Germany

Angelic Oak, South Carolina

Royal deloniks, Brazil

Dragon Tree, Yemen

Maple tunnel, Oregon
Rainbow eucalyptus, Hawaii
Jacaranda, South Africa

Oak Alley, South Carolina

Baobabs, Madagascar

Beech Alley Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The world's third-largest sequoia, California